Vacuum Technology and Innovation

Vacuum packaging significantly extends the shelf life of food.

It protects against dirt and germs and prevents oxidation due the lack of oxygen. When freezing vacuum-packaged food, freezer burn can also largely be avoided.

Vacuum packaged technical components can be protected from corrosion, oxidation and contamination.

Vacuum technology

There are 40 years of experience in every Vac-Star vacuum machine. Vac-Star is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines, chamber vacuum packaging machines, and vacuum bags. With a passion for precision, innovation and craftsmanship, durable machines of exceptional high quality are created. A classic Swiss quality product prized by Vac-Star customers from around the world.


VAC-STAR got an early start 1982 as the first manufacturer of premium vacuum machines with sensor control and boiling point detection worldwide. Desired results could be achieved independently of the vacuum machine’s chamber size.

The machine self-measures the requested vacuum percentage or boiling point.

Boiling point detection is useful when packaging liquid products. Since liquid products reach the boiling point at low temperatures, the detection prevents the contents from boiling over and soiling the vacuum chamber. Liquid products should always be packaged at low temperatures, the lower the temperature, the higher the vacuum percentage that can be reached.