SousVideChef CLASSIC


CHF 460.00
exclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Immersion circulator for professional use!
Vac-Star has made vacuum cooking affordable with the Sous-Vide Chef. Following its great success, the Sous-Vide Chef Classic is the successor - even more precise, even more powerful. The new Sous-Vide Chef has been technically and qualitatively massively upgraded and made fit for the toughest professional use. . 



Made from high-quality materials, developed in Switzerland, 100% made in Europe!

  • Stainless steel heating coil
  • 1300 Watt output
  • Mechanical-free solid-state relay (SSR)
  • Accurate display resolution of 0.1°C
  • Temperature range from 25 - 95°C
  • Countdown timer adjustable from 5 minutes to 99 hours
  • Display optionally in °C or °F
  • With a stainless steel protective grille
  • PID-controlled temperature monitoring.
  • Increased performance of the circulation pump (16 liters/min.)
  • Ergonomic, modern design
  • Simple, intuitive operation analog to the sous-vide baths
    High-contrast LCD with backlighting and large digits.
  • Optimized ventilation
  • Housing made of high-quality, resistant plastic (NORYL)
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Swiss engineering, 100% made in the EU
  • 2-year guarantee*
  • 10 years guaranteed availability of spare parts   

*For use in private households only


Highest processing quality

Vac-Star is a Swiss quality manufacturer of vacuum and sous-vide appliances with over 40 years of experience in the field of vacuum technology. The quality of materials and workmanship are of the highest standard and guarantee high reliability and a long service life.


Even better temperature consistency of ±0.1 °C *

Deviations in water temperature have been reduced to a minimum of ± 0.1 °C. Temperature consistency is essential in sous vide cooking. This can be observed particularly well with a piece of salmon. At 49 °C, the result is perfect and the beautiful color is retained. If the temperature only briefly rises above 50 °C, small white dots, known as albumins, form on the surface and curdle.

* Measured with insulating balls


Up to 40-litre tank volume

The improved high-performance heating elements now enable the use of water baths with a capacity of up to 40 liters. A more powerful pump with a flow rate of 14 liters/min guarantees fast and efficient mixing of the water, even with large containers.


Universally applicable

In principle, the SousVideChef from Vac-Star can be used with any container, only the actual requirement is decisive. This means that only the amount of water that is needed needs to be heated.


Compact design

The SousVideChef fits into even the smallest kitchen. After each use, it can be stowed away in the cupboard to save space.


Simple operation

The operation has been designed to be as simple and clear as possible. The temperature and timer can be set with just a few direct entries. The display is clear and has large digits that can also be read from a distance.

Safety features

If the water level falls below the minimum level, an alarm is triggered. In addition, overload protection prevents damage to the appliance. The membrane keypad is splash-proof.