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Vac-Star sous-vide baths stand apart due to their ease of use, as well as exceptional temperature consistency and accuracy. Applying a pump-less technology and due to the basin principle, the devices are virtually maintenance free and highly energy efficient.

In addition to classic low-temperature cooking, the device can be useful in many ways: for tempering chocolate coating, to make yogurt, as a flan-cooker or bain-marie.

Vac-Star Sous-Vide Equipment is recognized by top chefs around the world. Vac-Star is the brand of choice for the German National Team of Chefs, providing all their sous vide equipment.

Product description: 

Höchste Verarbeitungsqualität

Vac-Star is the Swiss quality manufacturer of vacuum and sous-vide equipment with over 40 years experience in the field of vacuum technology. Materials and workmanship are of the highest standard and guarantee superior reliability and long life. 

No Pump Principle

Vac-Star sous-vide water baths work based on heat flow. Convection mixes cold and hot water due to physical laws. A circulation pump would thus be superfluous, making the device virtually maintenance and wearfree, leading to a long product life. 

Temperature Consistency

The PID temperature regulation is controlled with high precision via microprocessors. This makes it possible to minimize water temperature variations within ± 0.1 °C.

Temperature consistency is essential when cooking sous-vide. This can be well observed (add link BEOBACHTEN.) when preparing salmon. At 49 °C the result is perfect and the beautiful color preserved. If the temperature rises above 50 °C, even briefly, small white dots called albumin are formed from curdling.

Compact design

The space required by the sous-vide baths is limited to the minimum. The surface area is exactly as big as required for effective operation of the water bath and can be used even in the smallest kitchens.

Easy Operation

The control panel was designed as simply and clearly as possible. Temperature and timer adjustments are made with a few direct inputs.

High Performance Heating Elements

The high-performance built-in heating elements allow rapid heating when cold products are placed. The ability to quickly reach the cooking temperature allows for reliable cooking times, also for reheating.

Hygiene & Design

Attractively shaped high quality rust-free stainless steel housing. Rounded edges: Hygienic and easy to clean.

Energy and Cost Efficient

The special stainless steel case includes an effective insulation, thus ensuring efficient heat storage. In order to maintain a given temperature, the CSC series baths require very little energy. For example, the CSC-09 required only 50 Watts per hour, leading to a costs of only 1 cent for 1.5 hours.

  • Timer with audible and visual signal
  • Large LED display can be read from a DISTANCE
  • Insulated carrying handles protect from heat
  • Due to the compact design, the device fits easily into any kitchen and every household (repetition)
  • Splash-proof control panel and power button
  • Overheating protection safeguards the bath from incorrect operation or malfunction.

The CSC-COMPACT by Vac-Star largely matches the CSC-09 commercial kitchen appliance. It features a more compact design, ultimate temperature accuracy and uses 8 watts on hold.

Compl. INOX with PC cover and convection water circulation.
Appliance outside dimensions:  339x275x271
Bath inside dimensions:            297x237x150
Display:                                     digital LED / 0.1°C
Temperature range:                   25°C - 99.9°C
Temperature accuracy:              ± 0.1°C
Capacity:                                   9 litres
Voltage:                                    230V, 600W or 110V, 600W

100% Made in EU
2 years warranty

Each order includes our booklet "SousVidePro", value CHF 27.- / € 21.-