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Rotor Gastronom GK600



Attractive, robust and safe

The Rotor Gastronom GK600 is an extremely reliable, powerful machine with a two-liter jar and a safety guard in accordance with the industry standard. Its attractive design and extremely quiet motor make it ideal for bars. The high-quality mixer enables anyone to mix, chop, blend, stir, homogenize or emulsify a wide range of products quickly, easily and efficiently. The smooth electronic speed control with an overload protection switch and the strong motor allow the perfect blending speed to be selected for any purpose. Moreover, the electronics guarantee a smooth, gentle start without any jolting or splashing. The Rotor Gastronom GK600 is built for heavy-duty use, does not take up much space and is always ready to use.

Mixing containers

The two-liter containers are ideally suited for the preparation of salad dressings, purée, warm sauces, mayonnaises, soups, creams, fruit drinks, cocktails, milkshakes, etc. They are also just the ticket for bars and, thanks to the high-performance blade, enable special drinks such as smoothies, which contain a lot of ice, fruit or ice cream, to be blended perfectly. The compatible mixing containers are made of practically indestructible materials: a choice of polymer or stainless steel. Both mixing jars are dishwasher-proof and have a removable stainless-steel cutting head so it can be cleaned thoroughly.

Scope of delivery: Motor base with 2L plastic cup and knife head "High Power 6", ready to plug in and ready for immediate use.


Further accessories available!

Colour: chrome / black

Continuous output: 600W

Peak power: 1100W

Speed regulated: 1'000-17'000 rpm.

Control: continuously variable, soft start