Rotor Gastronom GK900



Robust and safe

Rotor Gastronom GK900 – our powerful model developed especially for the commercial kitchen. The blender features 900W continuous power, but may temporarily even provide about 1600W, and is still very quiet. The variable speed is infinitely adjustable. The upper part of the motor base has been designed for easy cleaning. Of course, this model also has a protective device with monitoring of the lid, as required for commercial kitchen blenders according to strict CE regulations. The big 4 liter jars, made of stainless steel or polymer, are ideally suited for the preparation of larger quantities of salad dressings, warm sauces, mayonnaise, porridge, soups, custards, cake batters, but also for smoothies, fruit drinks, cocktails, milkshakes etc. For smaller amounts, jars with a capacity of 2 liters, made either of polymer or stainless steel, are available. The high-performance blades even crush ice cubes to frozen snow.

Scope of delivery: Motor base with 2L plastic cup and knife head "High Power 6", ready to plug in and ready for immediate use.


Further accessories available!

Colour: chrome / black

Continuous output: 900W

Peak power: 1600W

Speed regulated: 1'000-17'000 rpm.

Control: continuously variable, soft start