Rotor Gastronom GT800

CHF 1'062.00
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Beautiful, powerful and robust - the classic mixer

The Rotor Gastronom is a very reliable and efficient machine for
sophisticated kitchens. With its beautiful design and the very quiet motor
he also perfectly suitable for the guest area. The Rotor GT800 gives everyone the opportunity to quickly and effortlessly create various
To mix, crush, mash, blend, mix and stir food and beverages,
homogenize or emulsify. Thanks to the built-in infinitely variable electronic speed control with load compensation and the powerful motor, it can be used for
the right working speed can be selected for each application. Also, the electronics guarantee a smooth, jerk-free, and shock-free start of the machine to prevent splashing. The Rotor Gastronom is designed for heavy-duty
built, takes up little space, and is always ready for operation.


The GT800 is designed for a power output of 800W in continuous operation and 1500W peak power. A circuit breaker and electronic monitoring
protect the motor from overload and overheating. The motors are resistant to high temperatures. The electronics limit the maximum speed to ensure a long
to guarantee the service life of the machine and the mixing attachments.

Scope of delivery: Motor base with 2L plastic cup and knife head "High Power H", ready to plug in and ready for immediate use.


Further accessories available!

Colour: chrome / black

Continuous output: 800W

Peak power: 1500W

Speed regulated: 1'000-17'000 rpm.

Control: continuously variable, soft start