Embossed BOILING bags 115 °C


CHF 12.60 CHF 25.20
exclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Best quality in 90 microns with embossed mat for best vacuum results!
Usable for sous-vide cooking up to 115 °C (239 °F) as well.

Specially designed for our vacuum sealer easyPRO, but also for all other vacuum sealers that request embossed packaging material such as:

  • FoodSaver, Lava, Solis Magic Vac, Solis Mini Magic Vac, Solis Champion, Solis Elite, VACSY, Orved, Seal a Meal. Landi Primavista, New Vakuum, Krups, Easy Vakuum, Eduscho Edutec, Westfalia Vakuum, Gastroback, etc.

Our embossed bags are packed by 50/100 pieces packed in a reclosable protection pouch.
=> For more hygiene and product safety!