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Vacuum sealer easyPro

CHF 520.00
exclusive of VAT + shipping costs
Maximum order quantity: 10


The robust and powerful vacuum sealer for domestic use!

Thanks to its body made of high-quality stainless steel, the easyPRO vacuum sealer is suitable for semi-professional use as well as for use in private households alike.

The dual pump achieves a remarkable 96% vacuum level.
Only expensive chamber devices achieve a higher value.

In addition, the 3 mm wide sealing seam guarantees safe and durable packaging for your vacuumed products.

This makes the difference:

High quality workmanship

Vac-Star is the Swiss quality manufacturer of vacuum and sous vide devices with over 40 years experience in vacuum packaging. High quality materials and workmanship guarantee high reliability and a long service life.


96% of Vacuum

Only significantly more expensive chamber devices can do more!
The vacuum performance of 96% (-0.96 bar) is exceptional in this class and is made possible thanks to a special dual pump.


Easy operation

Close the flap and press on the lid.
The rest will be done by itself. The vacuum sealer easyPRO generates the vacuum, welds the seam and releases the finished packaging.


Stainless steel housing - robust and hygienic

The sturdy metal housing made of stainless steel guarantees a long service life.
The brushed surface makes it resistant to dirt and easy to clean.
The vacuum chamber is made of easy-care plastic.
The control panel is equipped with a wipe-clean membrane keyboard.



The pulse function enables a partial vacuum for pressure-sensitive products. The easyPRO vacuum sealer generates a base vacuum and only continues the vacuuming process as long as the Pulse button is pressed. This can also be done gradually in small steps until the desired final vacuum is reached. A technique that is often used to vacuumize bread or other pressure-sensitive products.


Vacuum containers

To evacuate vacuum containers, a hose with adapter is available.
Thus, even pressure-sensitive products can be packed in vacuum cans with a higher vacuum than would be possible in a bag.


       Performance features / Technical specifications

  • Industrial sealing seam: length 35 cm, width 3mm
  • High-performance pump
  • Maintenance free design
  • Ace vacuum of 96% (-0,96 bar) in vacuum bag
  • Suction: 28 l/min
  • Comfortable lid-lock system 
  • Pulse system (controllable vacuum process for delicate foods)
  • Power consumption: 230V-50Hz, 300 watts
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Dimensions:415x253x127mm (w x d x h)
  • Depth of vacuum chamber 25 mm
  • Easy cleaning
  • Made from stainless steel!
  • 100% Made in EU
  • 2 years warranty*

*For domestic use only
Important NOTE:
The vacuum device easyPRO is a so-called external vacuum sealer.
For this reason, only embossed bags can be used for vacuuming!