About us...

VAC STAR is a worldwide active enterprise and is a manufacturer of high-
precision Sous-vide baths, Sous-vide thermostats, vacuum-packaging machines
and Sous-vide bags.
VAC STAR has produced vacuum-packaging machines and devices in the highest
quality segment for trade and industry since 1974.
The enterprise has supplied vacuum and Sous-vide bags from their own
production plants throughout Europe since 1991.
To round off the product range, VAC STAR began the production of Sous-vide
baths in 2007, and became the first and, until now, the only company which
produces an entire range, from vacuum machines to the Sous-vide bath, right
up to the Sous-vide bag, at their own production sites.
To develop the efficiency and flexibility of the company, VAC STAR started up
another production plant in the Czech Republic in 1991.
The highly motivated team at the Pardubice production site are also producing
units of the highest quality.
The enterprise remains 100% in the founder's family possession, and their
aspiration is to serve their customers with high quality, innovative products.